Thursday, May 28, 2009

California Card Day

I am thinking of doing a card day when I visit my family in California in June. These are the cards we'll be doing. All the paper will be cut, and you get to stamp the images. Even if this is your first time stamping, don't worry, I will be there to help the whole time. Everyone that came last year loved it! The cost is a very inexpensive $2.00 a card. You will need to supply adhesive to glue/tape your cards together. This can be purchased at Michaels/Tall Mouse/Wal-Mart. There are many out there but "Tombo" is one to get, ask the sales clerk and tell them you need something to make cards or to scrapbook. It should only cost 4-5 dollars.

If you're interested leave me a comment. I need to have a rough estimate before I leave for Cali so I have enough supplies. Thanks!

By the way, I moderate the comments, so you won't see yours come once you submit it. I have to OK all the comments before they will actually show up on the blog page.

Anyhoo. On to the cards. I hope you like them.


Vivian Love said...

Mandy, I got your mom's email about a cardmaking day. Sounds like fun. I'd like to make a Thinking of You w/flower card that you have pictured on this blog post. Also, How can I make one of those plaques you have on the previous post? I'd like to make one for my son Todd who leaves soon for New Zealand on his mission! Can you help me make one of those when you come to Cali?
Vivian Love

Joni said...

Hi Mandy! I would love to come to the card day! Let me know when. I will talk to your mom about days.

Joni said...

Also, the cards are soooo cute! Joni

The Randall Family said...

I love that last card. The thank you card with the lavender and green. It's so pretty and such a cute saying. I need to order some cards from you! I will give you a call about it k?