Sunday, January 11, 2009

Candy Heart Box Tutorial

Many have asked me for instructions on making my Valentine Heart Box. I know there are quite a few pictures here, but I just wanted everything to be clear. I really hope this all makes sense. I've never written a tutorial before and so if there are any questions you can post them here and I will answer you. It may look complicated, but it is actually quite simple. I would love to see what you create with this. For SCS user, upload your picture with the key word VHB, if that does not work use "Valentine Candy Heart Box", then we can all see. I decided for this tutorial to make another box with not-so-traditional Valentine Colors. I just love Basic Grey's paper. Thanks for stopping by.

You will need:

Template for hearts A, B, and C (I can't get my template to print correctly from my blog, so give me your e-mail address and I will send it to you. Sorry. If anyone knows how to put an image into Adobe, then I can put it here. I just don't have that knowledge base.)
Adhesive (I used my ATG tape gun)
Paper Cutter
Decorative papers and/or accessories

For Box Lid:
-Template B- one heart (I used Very Vanilla)
-Two Strips of cardstock= 9"x 1-1/2" scored down the length at 1/2" (cranberry crisp, as these sides will show when the box is closed)
-One strip of cardstock=11" long x 7/8"wide scored down the width at 1/2"(vanilla lining)
-One strip of cardstock= 6-1/2" long x 7/8" wide (vanilla lining)
-Template C- one heart (I used Chocolate Chip)
-To decorate the top of the lid I used another Template A heart, the 1/2" circle punch for the green scallop, vanilla ribbon, build a brad (SU!), 'Maya Road Chipboard Heart', Chocolate Chip and Cranberry Crisp Ink. The Decorative Paper was Basic Grey's 'Sugared'.

For the bottom half of the box:
-Template A- one heart (I used Very Vanilla)
-Two strips of cardstock= 8-1/8" x 1-7/16" scored the length at 1/2" (these are for the sides, I used very vanilla)
-Two strips of cardstock or decorative paper= 8-1/4" x 7/8" (lining, I used decorative paper)
-Template C- one heart (I used Chocolate Chip)

It's best to cut everything out and then sort them into two piles, your box lid and the bottom half of the box.
Here are my supplies organized: the top pile is for my lid, and the bottom pile is for the bottom half of my box.

*Start with the bottom half of the box.

Take your 2 strips that are cut to 8-1/8"x 1-7/16" for the sides, and with the Valley of the scored line facing you and starting about 1-1/2" from the end, make cuts every 1/8"-1/4" to the score line. DO NOT CUT INTO THE SCORED LINE AT ALL.

NOTE: You have 2 strips of paper used to make the sides for each half of the box. Cut at the left side of one strip and then start at the right side of your second strip. With the valley fold facing you this will give you 2 opposite strips. See second picture below for a more detailed look.

Put adhesive on the backside of Heart A, just on the edge.

Take the strip of cardstock (with the valley fold of the score line facing you) that has the 1-1/2" section on the left side.

With Heart A, adhesive side down, line up the left side of the strip with the tip of the heart. Keep the edge of the heart nestled into the score line and press the flaps of the strip under to the adhesive.

This shows the backside of attaching your side strips to the heart.

Go slowly around the curves. Press under the flaps a little at a time.

This is how the backside should look after one strip. Some of the tiny flaps don't get adhered but it won't matter in the end. Cut away any excess paper at the apex so the other side strip with lie flush with the edge of the heart.

Score the strip with the 1-1/2" section on the right at 1/2". This will fold around the tip of the heart. Cut the score line you just made, but again, cut it only to the longer score line, not through it. See picture below for a more detailed look.

Adhere the strip in the same way as the first, except wrap the 1/2" section you just scored around the tip of the heart. Apply adhesive to it so it will stay in place. See picture below.

Put adhesive on the back of the heart paying close attention to the edges and attach to Heart C, making sure to center it. See picture below.

For the decorative strips place adhesive every 1-2 inches as that gives you wiggle room when adhering it to the inside of your heart. I started at the apex of the heart and worked my way around.

This is the bottom half of the box finished.

Now repeat the steps above for the lid of the box. Using Heart B and the wider strips.

Cut away any excess paper at the apex of the heart as it will interfere with the next strip.

The inside strips for the bottom heart I scored at 1/2". I don't remember why I did this one differently than the bottom half. But at least it shows you a couple of ways to do the lining! :o)

IMPORTANT: Before attaching your lid to Template C heart, you need to decorate the top of your box so that ribbon and accessories can be hidden and not sticking through to the inside of your box lid. Does that make sense?

Once you have made the top of your box using Heart C (see below picture) you can attach it to the lid of the box you just made above.

This is the finished box. I put a small heart inside using a cuttlebug die. It is stamped with "A little something."

That's All Folks! :o)


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