Monday, October 6, 2008

You've got to check out this ebay store!!!

Remember my friend's vintage clothing blog, Curby's Closet, that I talked about in THIS post. Well I often go to her ebay store, and you have to see some of the cute items she has right now. Oh, how I wish I had a little baby girl to buy these cute dresses for!! The thing I like about her store is that she has things paired, a dress with shoes to match and maybe a cardigan as well. So cute and well priced. I bought something for Ezzie when I was home earlier this year, and I love it.

She is trying to build her business and exposure. So if you can think of people you could send this link to of her store please do, I know she'd appreciate it a ton, it's difficult to get your name out there. All of her items are top notch. Everything she touches is amazing and crisp. You can depend on her for one of a kind, sweet clothes for you little ones, or for a shower gift. (if I am ever pregnant with a baby girl, I will be registering with her!) haha-I'm serious. :o)

You can get to her store on etsy, ebay or her blog by going to Ebay has the cutest raincoat from baby gap, with shoes to match!!!! (oh heavens I'm gonna die if I have all boys! At least for now I have a niece to spoil)

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